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Hi Gary, I need Cal Green help!

This is the way that we are introduced to many of our clients. What follows next falls into a few different categories.

The first is, “The building department tells me I need to provide a Cal Green checklist with my residential permit application.” Another intro is, “My project is complete and I need a Cal Green inspection.” These are straightforward issues which we can take care of economically and quickly.

Or, another variation, “The Cal Green guy who did my checklist can’t do my inspection, can you help?” Yes, we can.

However, we frequently get calls that clearly have the person stressed out. 

My project is done but the building inspector won’t sign off my project because we didn’t know we had to comply with Cal Green. Now we have no checklist, no record documents, nothing! Can you help sort this mess out?

Gary, our commercial project permit application is being held up because we must submit commissioning documents. We didn’t know about this and it’s putting the project behind schedule. Can you help us, and do it quickly?

Mr. Welch, we’re in a bind here. Our large commercial project is complete, but we didn’t know that commissioning was required. The building inspector wont’ sign off on the project until the commissioning process is complete. How can we do this after the fact? Can you help?

Cal Green Residential Checklist

So You Need A CalGreen Checklist for Your Permit Application?

We provide Cal Green help quickly and cheaply. Really. Simply email me a copy of your permit plans and I will get back to you with a written proposal right away. Usually the same day.

Our typical turn-around time is two business days from the authorization to proceed. Our typical fees for a residential checklist varies from $245 to $275. A few jurisdictions require some extra effort and fees. Please note that these fees do not include any required site inspections. See below for more information on inspections, and when they are required.

It is important to understand that almost every jurisdiction has their own preference for which CalGreen checklist to use. So first we will confirm which checklist your city or county wants us to use. Next, we will review the Cal Green code requirements specific to your location and project. 

Then we will edit the checklist marking as many items as possible as “not applicable”. This is where we bring value to your project. We have an in-depth understanding of the California Green Building Standards Code (Cal Green), and how it is applied.

It is important to understand that most checklist’s seem to imply that your project must comply with every item on it. This is not the case, especially for additions, alterations, and remodels. It takes a CalGreen specialist to understand the intent behind the code and know which items do not apply to your project.

Our checklist service also includes responding to any Cal Green permit comments you receive.  

Cal Green Inspection

My project is complete and I need a CalGreen inspection.

Most jurisdictions in the state do their own CalGreen inspections. However, there is a growing number that require one, or more, inspections by an ICC Certified CalGreen Special Inspector. We have certified inspectors who can help you with your residential or commercial Cal Green inspection.

If you live in such areas as Sonoma County, Napa County, Marin, San Francisco, Rocklin, Tracy, and others, you will have to have one, or more CalGreen inspections. If you live in one of these jurisdictions, we will include a separate fee in our proposal for this. Note that you also have the choice to use another inspector. Likewise, if your original CalGreen consultant can’t do your inspection, we can help.

CalGreen Kitchen

My project is done but the building inspector won’t sign off my project because we didn’t know we had to comply with CalGreen. Now we have no checklist, no record documents, nothing!

We need CalGreen help, now!

This one is not as bad as it sounds, and we can help. First, we will confirm the building department’s expectations. What exactly do they want, understanding the current situation? We will work with your inspector to sort this out and get the city the documents they need to close out your project. 

Typically, we will create a CalGreen checklist that can be submitted to the city after the fact. Sometimes, in this case, they may want a CalGreen Special Inspector to perform a site visit and write a letter of completion. Whatever they need, we will get it done and help you close out your project.  

Commercial Cal Green

Gary, our commercial project permit application is being held up because we must submit commissioning documents. We didn’t know about this and it’s putting the project behind schedule. Can you help us, and do it quickly?

Commercial project’s can be challenging and absolutely require a CalGreen specialist. Commercial projects can be subject to a wide range of Cal Green requirements. You do not want to get to the end of your project and then find out your front door requires a four foot overhang! 

Projects over 10,000 square feet also require commissioning. Many design professionals are not familiar with this requirement. As a result, we frequently get urgent calls requesting our help to get the permit commissioning documents done immediately. We can usually do this surprising quickly and cheaply.   

It is not uncommon for a project over 10,000 square feet to be completed, and then have the building inspector ask for the commissioning documents. This can occur when both your designer, and the permit reviewer, did not bring this code requirement to your attention.

Since the commissioning process is supposed to start during the design phase, this too, can be tricky. We will discuss the issue with your inspector and coordinate the required response. Typically, we will create the permit commissioning documents after the fact. We will author the functional performance tests for the installed equipment. We will coordinate this effort with your contractors. We will then assemble all required close-out documents and submit a final commissioning report. We can do this quickly and professionally. I have over 30 years of experience commissioning commercial buildings and know how to get this done for you.

Cal Green Addition


At CalGreen Energy Services we are specialists in the CalGreen Code. We can help you with your CalGreen project, no matter the status. CalGreen is our only business. If you have a CalGreen question please feel free to give us a call. We are happy to share our knowledge.   


If you need CalGreen help, call us today and let us show you how we can resolve your issue.

Gary Welch


Phone: 707-328-5299

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