CalGreen Checklist Tips for your permit submittal

Like a spider's web, if you touch it, your stuck to it.  If you check a box on the checklist and submit it for permit you are stuck with the ramifications.  The checklists never fully describe the actual code requirement. Just because the checklist title says, "mandatory", does not mean it is mandatory for your project.

A spiders web to catch the unwary!

Tip #1 

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There is no universal checklist that is acceptable throughout California. Some jurisdictions will require the HCD one, others the AIA one, while others will publish their own. First check their website for a guidance. If nothing is mentioned, you will need to contact the permit department and ask them.

Tip #2

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The most important part of filling out your CalGreen checklist is reading the actual language in the Green Building Code itself. The brief description in the checklist is not adequate to determine if the requirement applies to your job. Click on the link below and it will take you to an online version of the code.

Read the Code!

Tip #3

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The intent of the CalGreen Checklist is to verify that the CalGreen code requirements are shown on the permit plans. This is what the plan reviewers will look for. For each item on checked you must have a respective note or detail on the permit plans. This ensures the contractor is aware and has included this work in their scope.

Check the Plans

Tip #4

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The contractor has a number of responsibilities during the construction. It's important your permit plans explain these obligations to ensure they have the documentation available for the final inspection. These duties include keeping VOC records, taking moisture readings, the construction waste plan, among others.

Contractors Role During Construction

Tip #5

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If you have a question or need some help with your CalGreen Checklist, Inspections, or Commissioning, feel free to give us a call. We are happy to share our knowledge whether you hire us or not.

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