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CalGreen Services

CalGreen Energy Services specializes in CalGreen checklists, CalGreen Inspections and CalGreen and Title 24 Commissioning services.

2022 CalGreen Code

CalGreen Energy Services was founded on a commitment to assist our clients in minimizing the impact of the CalGreen Code on their construction costs and long term operating expenses. We simplify the process for ensuring your permit plans are in compliance with the CalGreen Code 

There is no doubt that the California Building Codes are the most stringent in the country. “Stringent” costs building owners money. The CalGreen Code is even more difficult with its wide-ranging requirements from construction waste management to measuring the moisture content of framing members. As absurd as some of the requirements are, many must be complied with on your project.

Please note the emphasis on “many” in the previous paragraph. This is where we can bring real value to your project.


We do it by critically reviewing the CalGreen requirements on your project and eliminating any that aren’t specifically required by the code. We do this by carefully editing your CalGreen Checklist so your project is only committed to clearly mandated items. When necessary, we will deal with your local plan reviewers to ensure they do not try to impose frivolous requirements on your project.

At CalGreen Energy Services we have decades of experience in the design and construction of building systems. We also have experience in dealing with building officials throughout the State of California. It is this background of knowledge that brings value to your project by saving you time and money.

CalGreen Checklist Services

Sacramento CalGreen Checklist

   The Sacramento CalGreen Checklist

The California Building Code requires that all new building permits applications require a completed CalGreen Checklist form. This rather involved form places design and construction obligations on your project. We see far too many projects where owners have been committed by their consultants to far more costly items than are required by the code. Note that the linked checklist in this paragraph is not usable in all jurisdictions. You need to verify with your local building department as to which checklist to use for your area.

Why? Simply because the person filling out the checklist did not have the expertise to evaluate the actual requirements. It’s very easy to add a simple “X” to box in a long checklist. Every little “X” that is checked makes a financial commitment for the building owner. Once the CalGreen Checklist has been approved by the building department, your project is committed to providing every single checklist item.

We carefully evaluate EVERY checklist item with skepticism. You need to know the actual code language, and interpretations to determine whether a specific item on the checklist is required for your project. You cannot determine this just by simply reading the checklist itself! 

Our goal is to never commit a building owner to even one unnecessary checklist obligation. We will work directly with your local building department when necessary to ensure only those code requirements that are clearly applicable to your project are included in the permit submittal.

There is typically only a small difference in fees between companies providing CalGreen Checklist services. Who would you want on your project?  A Title 24 energy code consultant who has never actually designed a building? Or a professional with decades of design experience that understands the CalGreen Code intent, and can limit your project costs?

We can typically complete your CalGreen Checklist and have it signed off within two days after receiving a signed proposal!

CalGreen Inspector Services

The CalGreen process starts with the CalGreen Checklist. On some projects CalGreen Energy Services fills out the checklist for the owner. On some projects the checklist is filled out by the project architect or the builder. In this case CalGreen Energy Services can provide just the CalGreen Special Inspector services.

This service has two parts:

Our certified CalGreen Special Inspector will review your permit drawings to verify that all of the items “checked” on the checklist are shown on the plans or in the specifications. Once all of the compliance requirements are shown on the permit documents, we will then sign the Design Verification Form that is located at the end of the CalGreen Checklist. Your project is now ready for submittal to the local building department.

The second responsibility of the CalGreen Special Inspector comes at the completion of your project. The California CalGreen Code requires a final sign-off by the special inspector at the end of the project. This involves field-verifying that all of the checklist items are complete. After the site visit the inspector will sign the Implementation Verification Form. Once signed, the owner can begin occupying the building.

Please note that not all jurisdictions require a final inspection by a CalGreen Special Inspector. If your not sure if one is required for your project, give us a call or send us an email and we will get you the answer.

Commissioning Services

If your building is over 10,000 square feet, both the CalGreen Code and the California Energy Code require the project to be commissioned. What is most important to note is that the commissioning required by these codes is not as extensive as some industry commissioning standards. We often see commissioning agents applying higher standards than is actually required by the California Building Code. While this may be beneficial on some projects, it also translates into higher costs for the owner.

We provide commissioning services for all types of projects including office buildings, sports facilities, wineries, grocery stores, mixed-use projects, storage facilities and others.

At CalGreen Energy Services we limit the CalGreen Commissioning effort to that which is specifically mandated by the code. This helps keep our fees low, and the construction costs lower. Our simplified commissioning process will minimize the work required by your subcontractors while ensuring that critical components of you HVAC, Plumbing and Lighting Control systems are operating as designed.

As a CalGreen Consultant we prepare the permitting documentation and explain the extent of CalGreen Code requirements. We also provide the final CalGreen Inspector sign-off required for final occupancy.

If issues arise during construction, we will work with the local building departments to resolve any issues.

Call us now and see how we can help you. We’d love to talk to you about your project!

Gary Welch


Phone: 707-328-5299

ICC Certified CalGreen Inspector


For more information on the CalGreen Code see the Building Standards Commission website here.

To learn more about the specific CalGreen Code requirements see our article here.

The California Department of Housing and Community Development has details on CalGreen compliance here.


CalGreen Energy Services


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