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Chico Cal Green permits are required for all new and remodel projects. Chico has published their own CalGreen Mandatory Measures checklists for both residential and commercial projects. The use of these checklists can help simplify the incorporation of the CalGreen code requirements into your project. Unfortunately theses checklists do not provide enough detail to determine if a requirement applies to your project. It requires someone knowledgeable in the CalGreen Code to determine if a requirement applies to your project or not.

We are specialists in the CalGreen code. As a result we and can help you minimize permitting and construction costs. Our services include authoring your CalGreen checklist, dealing with the city of Chico Building Department and consulting during the construction process. 

We serve Chico and the surrounding area including Paradise, Oroville, Durham, Dayton, and the entire Butte County area.

Whether you are an architect, home owner, or builder we can guide you through your CalGreen permit and compliance. Let’s face it, CalGreen is confusing. It’s as if the Building Standards Commission wanted to drive us crazy with the way the code is written. We understand this and we are here to help.

We chose to specialize in CalGreen to help people, such as yourself, to guide you through the process.  

The Chico Cal Green Residential Checklists

The Chico Building Department has done a far better job than most when it comes to providing clear direction on building code compliance. They have published a number of checklists and forms that summarize the key code items that they will be looking for in your permit application. You can view these helpful forms hereClick on the heading “New 2019 Code Update” where you can download pdf’s of the various code requirements.   

The current Chico CalGreen code residential checklist is called the 2019 Cal Green Residential Mandatory Requirements. The three page checklist summarizes the requirements that may, or may not, be applicable to your project. The checklist is helpful in that it references the specific CalGreen code section where the requirement is located. In most cases you must read the actual code section to determine if it applies to your project, or not.

Simply incorporating every item on the checklist might get you through the permit review, but may end up costing more money than necessary. When in doubt, check with a Cal Green Code specialist. If you have a question, please feel free to call us. We are happy to share our knowledge.

Here is the first page of the Chico residential CalGreen checklist.

Chico CalGreen Residential Checklist

               The Chico Residential CalGreen Checklist, Page 1

You can download a pdf of the complete checklist here.       

The Chico Cal Green Non-Residential Checklists

The Chico CalGreen Non-Residential Mandatory Requirements are extensive and can be confusing for those without extensive experience in the CalGreen Code. Misunderstandings can turn into expensive change orders at the completion of the project. 

Here is an example that came up after a project was undergoing the final building permit application. The architect had submitted the Chico non-residential checklist for a commercial project he was designing. He answered yes to the checklist item “Moisture Control” without understanding the requirement. On the checklist itself there is no explanation of what this actually means in terms of building design. The unsuspecting architect simply said “yes” and completed his permit set. The set was approved by the building department who did not pick up on this single item. When the building inspector came to the site he asked the general contractor if he was installing the four foot canopy over the entrance? The general contractor stated that it wasn’t in the construction documents. The inspector noted that it was required by the Calgreen Code. The change order delayed the opening of the building and cost an additional $5000, which included the required structural engineering design for the canopy support.

There are many other less-than-clear requirements in the Non-Residential CalGreen Code requirements. We always recommend engaging a CalGreen specialist at the very beginning of a commercial project. There are many site and other critical issues that need to be understood and budgeted for at the outset.     

Here is the first page of the Chico Non-Residential CalGreen checklist.

Chico Non-Residential Checklist

                 The Chico Non-Residential CalGreen Checklist, Page 1

You can download a complete copy of the Chico Non-Residential CalGreen Checklist here.

Residential and Commercial CalGreen Services

Our ICC certified staff develop permit documents for both commercial and residential projects. We provide checklists, inspections and CalGreen commissioning services at economical prices. Whether your building an ADU, a new home, or designing a large commercial project we can guide you through the process while saving you money. 

Call or email us today. We will provide a written proposal that includes your total cost and a specific delivery date for your permit plans. We have a two-day turnaround on CalGreen checklists for your building permit application.


At CalGreen Energy Services we are specialists in the CalGreen Code. CalGreen is our only business. If you have a CalGreen question please feel free to give us a call. We are happy to share our knowledge.   


Call us today and let us show you how we can help with your project.

Gary Welch


Phone: 707-328-5299

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